Amara Contactless Infrared Digital Thermometer

Amara Contactless Infrared Digital Thermometer

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Using a thermometer to check your temperature can help you manage an illness is made easy.

A forehead non-contact infrared thermometer that facilitates temperature acquisition from the forehead for kids and the entire Family helps you keep your temperature in check during changing seasons.

Great for entrance management in Office/ mall/bank/, theaters etc

Quick, easy and infection resistant, for a hassle free and convenient usage.

  • Clinical accuracy: advanced infrared temperature sensor provides enhanced accuracy with automatic temperature calibration
  • Choose °F or °C: adjustable in settings by the User  two temperature measurement units – Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Safe and hygienic: non-contact thermometer minimize spreading of germs. Completely safe for use on children’s and adults..use from 5 cm distance
  • Quick and easy: one button operation makes it easy to use and acquired readings within 1 second
  • 1 Year Distributor Warranty

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