Warehouse Dust & Odour Management

Warehouse Dust & Odour Management

ETO air cleaner and degasser


Two unique solutions for the effective and efficient removal of ethylene oxide. The ETO-Special is the first air cleaner that removes 100% of remaining gas particles. Through active degassing of the space, the device contributes to a healthy and safe working environment. The ETO Degasser has been specially developed for containers and trailers. Thanks to its very fast, flexible, effective operation, waiting times for drivers are kept to a minimum.

The Health Council of the Netherlands is placing increasing focus on the dangers to human health posed by ethylene oxide and its presence in the working environment. EtO is used for the sterilisation of medical devices, among other things. Various studies have shown that occupational exposure to ethylene oxide increases the risk of cancer. The Dutch legal limit of EtO is 0.5 ppm (0.84 mg / m3). The EtO Special provides active degassing, which removes this harmful substance from the area quickly and effectively.


How does it work?

The ETO-Special consists of a basic SFE particle filter followed by a specially developed gas adsorption filter. The SFE prevents other particles commonly present in logistics areas, such as dust and rubber, from entering the carbon filter.

Total  Solution

The Eto special has been specially developed for logistics halls and warehouses. Thanks to the well-advanced measurement stations and different measurement points in the hall, the user always has insight into the current values (and the effective operation of the system!) and automatic alerts can be set, to a very low level.

Mobile Eto Degasser

Specially for the degassing of containers, we offer the flexible Eto Degasser. Long waiting times for drivers – from several hours to a day – are now a thing of the past.

AgriAir air cleaner


Wasting fruit is often the result of a bad treatment which causes ripening and rotting of fruit prematurely. One of the biggest threats to fruit comes from the product itself. Fruit produces a natural hormone, ethylene, as part of the ripening process.

The challenge

Ethylene is often produced by damaged fruit and is stimulated once again when products are stored under unfavorable conditions. Different types of fruit produce ethylene at a different rate and under different conditions. A too high concentration of ethylene is undesirable.

Our solution?

With the EuromateAgriAir you keep the ethylene level under control and this will ensure that the fruit stays fresh longer and the shelf life will be extended.

How does it work

The AgriAir generates a continuous air flow, a recirculation process with a high-quality filter system. This special filter technology ensures the oxidation of ethylene. The flexible system is scalable and mobile. Thanks to the saturation indicator (color change), the user will know in time when the filter should be replaced for an optimal result.


  • Control of ethylene
  • No hindrance from unpleasant odors
  • Fruit stays of a higher quality much longer
  • Less (unneccesary) waste of product

  • More efficient utilization of storage capacity
  • Lower energy costs through better air circulation
  • Stabilized quality level (inside and outside the fruit)