Honeywell H801 Cup Shaped NIOSH N95 Respirator ( Pack of 5)

Honeywell H801 Cup Shaped NIOSH N95 Respirator ( Pack of 5)

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The H801 is a NIOSH N95 Certified single use mask without valve , with a PU nose foam seal , designed to provide exceptional fit and comfort.

  • Application Industry: Agriculture, chemical industries, fire protection brigades, food industries, medical and pharmaceutical, transportation, welding
  • Protection against non-toxic and low toxicity solid aerosols shell incorporates arc shaped ribbing, anti deformation
  • Metallic Nose Clip: Easy to shape around the nose, low breathing resistance media, reduce wearers’ fatigue
  • PU Nose Foam Seal: Control leakage and increase comfort,  reduce wearers’ fatigue
  • Lightweight design, reduce wearers’ fatigue
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