Magneto Central Air Cleaner

Based on an advanced air purification technology that works on three principles: Impingement, Polarization & Agglomeration that not only traps but also kills the pathogens.

The Magneto Air Cleaner is highly efficient in capturing particles as small as 0.3 microns with a negligible amount of pressure drop. This is the most advanced air purification system that can be installed in existing or new HVAC products like Hi-Wall, Cassette, Fan Coil Units, Ductable, AHU, ERV, HRV etc. without any modifications in the system. The system can be applied in new or retrofit projects with the possibility of easy relocation.

Our Technology

Magneto’s Central Air Cleaner purifies the indoor air with remarkable efficiency and absolute discretion. It is an advanced multi-stage central air cleaning unit that integrates with the HVAC system to remove PM 1.0, PM 2.5, bacteria, VOCs and other pollutants from the entire area. It provides uniform air purification in all corners, has no recurring consumables, and is a complete indoor air quality improvement solution. It even reduces the fresh air demand of the building.

This certified healthy air system has been engineered to protect people and their assets.


It centrally removes dust and kills airborne microbial in the indoor air with remarkable efficiency and absolute discretion.

It challenges the status quo of intrusive, noisy air purifiers. It has even air purification, low capital costs and no recurring consumables.

This advanced multi-stage integrates with the HVAC system to eliminate PM 2.5, bacteria and other pollutants from the entire area.

It can regulate CO2 requirements without compromising on the fresh air needs of the occupants.

Green Pro Certified

According to a recent assessment of our product by the Indian Green Building Council, “The system offers very low airflow resistance with high filtration efficiency on PM2.5. Conventional HEPA filters offer resistance or pressure drop, which is usually specified at around 300 pascals at its nominal volumetric flow rate. As washable HEPA filters are very expensive and are not readily available, the MCAC [Magneto Central Air Cleaner] can be a replacement option for the conventional air filtration system of MERV 13 rating with HEPA filtration with retention efficiency of more than 93% given the most penetrating particle size. These are washable and require significantly less maintenance.”